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Acupuncture Close Up
Spinal Alignment

Not all chiropractors are created equal!  Back Pain? Neck Pain? Headaches? Other pains in legs or feet? We strive to alleviate your pains faster than you thought possible.  We’ll align your spine and rapidly reduce the tension and pressure that may be causing them. We don’t stop there!  We’ll also employ acupuncture…


Simply said, acupuncture is amazing.  Dr. Sprandel uses unique methods of acupuncture that he learned not only traditionally, but from other avenues of real world healing as well.  One such technique  called “surround the dragon” uses thin needles that are inserted to surround the area of pain to “conquer and defeat it”.   The results are often described as miraculous.


Soft tissue damage?  I’m sure you’ve heard of massage and know a lot about it.  We have specialists who probably know more, and who know exactly the right techniques to use to heal your soft tissue injuries and heal your stress, soreness and tightness.

Live a healthy pain-free life with acupuncture and chiropractic care from acclaimed Doctor of Chiropractic and acclaimed Acupuncturist,  Judson Sprandel.  Dr. Sprandel will ensure you get the services and techniques that will best help  your particular situation.  Often, this starts with a “one-two punch” of Spinal Alingnment and Acupuncture.

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Injuries from working outside?  Sports injury? Chronic pain? Injured Veteran? You are special to us PERIOD! (Though we have to admit we have a special soft spot for our veterans).   Put your trust in us, and we’ll use all of our tools, and we WILL help you.

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